Monday, December 26, 2011


Meet Nellie!

Nellie is my brand new ukulele. And I love her very much.

It was hard to decide on what I wanted to name it. My mom suggested Gertrude. (In Seussical the Musical, a bird named Gertrude plays the ukulele in a love song to Horton the Elephant. Gertrude's ukulele looks exactly like mine except with green feathers on the neck.) I contemplated Ellie, but my cousins recently got a dog they named Ellie and that would end up to be confusing. I was close to naming it Buddy, after Buddy the Elf.

Then I decided on Nellie. How? I don't know. It just fits. (I'd like to take more pictures later, I just took camera phone photos now.)

What was your favorite Christmas gift?

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Happy December!

Open your advent calendars, everyone. Its the holiday season and you'd better be in the spirit. I want to hear you caroling out in the streets, see you making snowmen and snowangels, taste the decorated cookie that you made, fresh out of the oven.

Christmas only comes once a year, so you  better enjoy it.