Thursday, January 24, 2013


Listen. Do you hear the sweet melody of the crimson cardinal? Can you smell the crisp mountain air clearing your head? Look. Do you see the dark silhouettes of craggy mountain peaks? Can you taste the sweet melted s'mores disintegrating on your tongue? Smile. Do you feel the warm breeze filling you with happiness?
Then you are here, heaven on earth-Leadville, Colorado. Lift your arms up and rejoice! Watch the extraordinary scarlet sky tinged with cerulean and lavender fade into an ebony darkness. Only a glowing silver orb, along with thousands of twinkling stars illuminate your path as you walk around the pine-needle covered campground. Shadows of miniature groundhogs dance their ways into underground shelters.
Don't try taking refuge in the stark white RV, no! Envelope the warm beams of sunlight with loving arms. Leap in the dusty gravel road while pelting rain refreshes your soul. Halt at the mountainside and look up to the snowy white powder that rests upon the peak. Dare to climb the rocky structure. Twirl at the top, for you are one with nature and no other.
(this is an old writing piece from freshman year that I'm particularly proud of.)

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